Thursday, December 31, 2009

A look Back on 2009!

Shall we do a pose? Let's do!!

Chloe & Allen!

We went sledding at the Bonneville Golf Course! It was a Blast!

The Christmas Season!

This Christmas Season, was just fabulous! Having family over from all over, was just wonderful. Having the new year coming, our family just can't wait. 2010 is, I think is going to be a great year!

Having all the Hansen siblings in town for Christmas, was the true meaning of having the whole family together! Spending time together, having family gatherings, and having big dinners were so much fun! I want to thank everyone who came into town for spending time with us, and thank you Grammie & Grandad for helping out with the Hansen kids, and for doing the Hansen Party! We love you!

Happy New Year! We love you all!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Enjoying the Sunday Evening...

Sitting at the computer listening to Jenny Oaks Baker and Mom making dinner. With the scent of candles and the christmas tree in the front room, really makes life much better. With Christmas Day on the way, December is the best time of the year. Also, with everyone scattered around the house, and doing there thing, and with the house being quiet, is my favorite thing ever. You can just hear your self think. Dad just walking in from Tithing Settlement, and waiting for Luke and Chester coming back from a visit with their mother, and waiting for Ali and Brian to come and have dinner with us.
Just enjoying this time of year, gathering with the family, what do you think? Gathering with the family around Christmas time is the best year ever. Seeing people that you haven't seen in forever. Getting Christmas Cards from family, is the cutest thing ever.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Happy Holiday's and a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Noah's St. George Soccer Tournament!

Cute Noah!

Cute mom, Ali and Sophie!!!
Go Noah!
Over Thanksgiving Break the family went down to Brainhead were Steve's Cabin is, and had Thanksgiving down there, and also had Noah's Soccer Tournament down in St. George. We had a blast. Watching movie's every night on the BIG flat screen t.v. and playing pool and ping pong, and just having fun, and enjoying everyone's company! :) Though Brianhead and Ceader City had a big storm on the saturday that we were coming home (back to the cabin) from eating out at Chilies and from St. George, and we had to stay at the Crystal Inn. fun fun.