Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the real American Idol

We've been planning this night for the last couple of days: scales, lyrics, pitches. Well, tonight was the night: our first annual American Idol (home style) night. Cal was the new Simon Cowell, Doll was the Yo-Dawg Randy, and Sophie was none other than the babe, Paula Abdul. But where's the Ryan Seacrest: the soul of the show? No worries, Ali covered that with the yarn ball as his microphone.

The front room was the stage, the broom was the microphone, and Luke was the DJ iPod man. We had a little bit of AC/DC from Chetty, Louis from Dad, Stevie Wonder from Doll, and then some duets. It was absolutely hysterical with Dad as the evil Simon, Mom doin' the impersonations of Randy, and little miss Sophie singing HSM2 (and very good at that, by the way). But don't forget Luke who busted out the moves and words from the 80s, plus Cha-Cha's special guest appearance --- we were very honored, indeed.

It was an absolute memory, and now a must-have Close/Hansen tradition. Enjoy the videos!

Monday, December 3, 2007

a catalog of trees

Every year the fam finds our tree at the lot on 7th and 27th. There weren't peanuts this year, but trees, yes. We walked up and down the rows of trees, and up and down again, but since we like skinny trees, we're pretty fast. Within fifteen minutes we had her picked. Behold. And now she stands in our bay window ready to be lit and decorated.

There's just something about having a live tree in the home. It smells like Christmas, and I love knowing that we hand- picked it. Honestly, if I could bottle Christmas, I would bottle that smell of our front room at Christmas. I love that we have always have a skinny tree. Every year. The ornaments each have their own place, the lights are ten times round round the tree, and it just fits our personalities. They will always remind me of Home.

Christmas is so much more than the actual day of Christmas --- it's the entire season. It's the decorating, it's the music, it's the caroling, it's the ice skating, it's the making of ginger bread houses, and it's giving. I love December, and it's already the second.

Happy December.